What is the Quite Nerdy Blog?

Welcome readers, old and new, to my new blog. Some of you may be thinking “New blog? There was an old blog?”, an answer you’ll find on this website. The old blog was slowing me down and looking a bit unprofessional, so we’re going for a reboot (only took seven years, lol).

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, alongside being a place to compile links for writing I’ve done for other outlets and serving as a sort of portfolio (hence the portfolio tab), I’m aiming to get new posts out once every two weeks. Sometimes I’ll need longer than that, other times not as long, but it’s a good guideline and if you join the mailing list on the homepage, you’ll never miss a post. The topics covered promise to be wide and sprawling, determined only by what niche topic has piqued my interest on a given week, but hopefully even the stuff you’ve never heard of can interest you.

With this blog I want to bring in new folk to read my work, but it’s also worth reiterating that if you’ve been reading my nonsense for years, I have a deep appreciation for you and your support. I’ve written for years and mainly for an audience of myself, meaning the fact that anyone reads this is very inspiring. Thank you for supporting me until now if you’ve been on the ride and if you’re new, I hope you like where we’re heading. We’ll have some fun, I promise.


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