About Me

Henry Jordan

Former Student, Current Shambles, Perpetual Writer


Henry studied at University of Exeter, doing English and Film Studies, for which he achieved a first. This achievement made him very smug and only able to write biographies in the third person. While at Exeter, Henry was also Social Media Executive for Exeposé, working alongside a brilliant team of editors to create one of Exeter’s few proud exports.

Switching to first person now because this is getting a bit weird, I am currently employed by Picturehouse Cinemas in a Front of House capacity and freelance writing on my days off. Whether it’s on films, video games, TV, music or some increasingly obscure form of media, there’s always something that’s tickling my fancy and when it’s too niche to pitch, here is where you’ll find it.


I have covered film festivals, streaming releases on their week of release and worked on many projects of extended length of a more personal nature. If you would like me to write any of these for your outlet, please contact me using my social media at one of the links below, or through hjjordansayshi@gmail.com.

Recurring guest on Cambridge Film Show on Cambridge 105 Radio